Cause Youtube Videos can’t be viewed offline and saved

Downloading and saving videos from within the YouTube application is a beneficial feature for its users. Where we can watch the video at any time even without an internet connection because the video file has been downloaded and stored on the phone’s storage memory.

youtube videos can't be offline

But many also question the issue of vodeo on YouTube that cannot be downloaded. Starting from the download button does not turn on, the storage space is full or even always fails to download even though the download button is on.

And what you need to know, not all videos on YouTube can be downloaded. This is what many users ask, there is some content that the download button cannot be pressed due to licensing issues, copyrights or being included in the paid category.

Causes and solutions Youtube videos fail to save

1. Phone Storage Capacity is exhausted

To download videos on youtube so that they can be viewed offline without an internet connection requires storage memory on the cellphone.

If when the download button is pressed and a notification appears on the screen about insufficient storage capacity, first delete some files that are not needed.

For example, delete files that have large sizes such as videos, music files or photos. Delete it or move it to another memory and repeat the download process.

2. Internet Connection Disconnected

When the process of downloading videos on YouTube takes place and fails, it can be caused by an internet connection that suddenly disconnects.

If this happens, try downloading the video again and make sure the internet connection is smooth or not easily disconnected.

3. Download button not working

Maybe my friend often sees the download button on the youtube video that is being watched, the writing is gray, when pressed it is not active.

That means youtube users are not allowed to download video files for offline viewing. It could be that the content on the channel is in the premium category or the download button can be active in certain countries.

4. Paid Video Content

If the video cannot be saved for offline viewing, the user can make a payment in the form of a premium YouTube subscription to be able to enjoy the download feature on all videos watched.

In essence, there are paid premium versions of videos as well as free ones. One of the advantages of subscribing to YouTube premium is that we can watch content from some of the world’s creator channels that are not in the free version.

Likewise in the paid version, we can play youtube and the sound stays on even when the screen is turned off. This feature is certainly suitable for those who like to listen to music content and want to save battery power by turning off their smartphone screen.

Those are some of the causes and ways to solve the problem of video content on youtube that fails to download, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.

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