Are Subs4Subs Subscribing Results Dangerous for Youtube Channels?

Getting a lot of subscribers for youtube channel owners is a matter of pride. Even as a sign that the uploaded video is liked so that viewers are willing to press the red button so that it turns gray.

the dangers of subs for subs channel

For novice youtubers, getting just one subscribe was difficult at first, even having to go back and forth to various Subs4subs forums on social media where ‘Subs seekers’ gather.

Not an unreasonable act, where one of the main goals of channel owners taking ‘shortcuts’ to find subscribers from other channel owners is because of the monetization requirements. Where the main requirement in order to be approved to serve ads on the youtube partner program is to have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

This means 4,000 Watch Hours (240,000 Minutes) i.e. in the last 12 months for the total number of videos owned. So actually, even though it has reached a minimum total of 1,000 Subscribers, but the broadcast hours have not met the monetize requirements criteria are not yet complete.

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Therefore, currently many YouTube channel owners in Subs For Subs forums in spreading their video links require that they be watched for a minimum of a few minutes (on request) so that they will reply by subscribing to the channel.

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Is it dangerous for a youtube account if we do Subs4subs with other youtubers?

To find out the answer, the admin himself will share experiences when subscribing to each other and the experiences of some fellow YouTubers.

1. Subs For Subs Dangerous If….

Keep in mind, YouTube’s tracking engine is currently getting more sophisticated. Not only the title or description text is monitored, even the text and sound in the video can also be detected when there is a violation.

Likewise, the problem of traffic flow coming from subscribers, of course all the data will be indexed by YouTube. Starting from the IP Address of the channel owner to the link traffic that we spread on several Subs For Subs forums.

It will be dangerous for the continuity of the channel if the youtube tracking engine detects any unnatural traffic heading to the channel because it is too ‘excited’ to get a lot of subscribers in a short time.

For example, we spread a video link to one of the Subs4subs forums and target directly 1,000 Subs to be obtained in a matter of hours, as if we were inviting Spam with unnatural traffic.

Although in many cases there is no warning from YouTube when the channel owner immediately gets 1000 subscribers in one hour, even though it is not proportional to the number of broadcast hours.

However, the impact of the absence of such a warning can cause our account to be rejected when applying for monetize, of course the detailed reason cannot be explained by YouTube when rejecting.

The point is, until now I personally have never heard of a channel that was deleted by youtube because of subs4subs. Only Disadvantage is not getting an increase in showtimes which is obtained even though the number of subscribers increases.

2. Subs4Subs is harmless

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From my personal experience and some youtubers who have done Subs For Subs on several youtuber forums, it’s not dangerous.

Maybe YouTube itself has predicted that someone will act fraudulently to increase the number of subscribers, one of which is subscribing to each other.

But again what can’t be fooled is the number of broadcast hours. Where the channel owners will not know whether when they want to do the sub4sub action the other channel owners just pass by and press the subscribe button without watching our video for a few minutes.

If the monetization requirements were only based on the number of subscribers, there might have been many channel owners who didn’t bother to get 4,000 watch hours.

That is why, I may say that the subs action between channel owners is not dangerous because there is still a long way to go to increase the number of broadcast hours.

One of the tips so that youtube accounts are safe and channels are not detected as spamming, then have a target subscriber at one time not excessive, for example today the target subs4subs is only 100, the next day add more and so on.

ConclusionMutual subs channel is actually okay in my opinion if it is done in a natural way and not excessive.

Avoid buying subscribers from subs provider services because we don’t know if the seller uses bots or robots, not real accounts. It’s better to look for a forum subs For Subs which logically they are all real accounts and really want to benefit each other.

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