2 Ways to Restore iPhone’s Initial Settings (Factory Reset)

So that the iOS iPhone can be like new again or when there are errors in the system and applications, then resetting to factory defaults is a recommended and safe alternative to do.

Reformat iPhone system

There are many advantages when the iPhone has been returned to factory settings, such as applications can run smoothly, the system is not slow, and those who want to sell their cellphones to others, of course, resetting can help delete all data quickly and no files are missed.

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The iPhone maker, Apple, provides users with 2 options for the reset process, namely from the phone’s settings menu or through the help of computer devices.

How to Reset an iPhone without a Computer

Maybe there are more HP Apple iPhone users who don’t have laptops or computers. So there is an alternative to reset the iOS system using the settings menu.

To do this, go to the Settings menu, then open the General option and select the Reset menu. Because there are several options to restore to factory settings, then select the desired factory reset option as needed as below.

Reset iPhone feature options

  • Reset Location & Privacy : Select this option if you only want to restore the location and privacy settings that have already been done.
  • Reset Home Screen Layout : This option is to return to the initial settings for the home page display
  • Reset Keyboard Dictionary : To delete words in the keyboard dictionary and restore to factory settings
  • Reset Network Settings : Use this option to clear network setting data, both cellular and WiFi data.
  • Reset All Settings : To reset and delete all settings that have been done on iPhone
  • Erase All Content and Settings : This option is for a total factory reset of all data.

My advice, if you want to sell your iPhone to another party, then select the Erase all content and Settings menu, so that no important data is left, such as email accounts, application data, phone contact numbers and so on.

Reset iPhone System via Computer

This method is very effective for restoring iPhone system settings to factory defaults as well as getting the latest firmware updates and applications when available on Apple servers.

The laptop / computer used to reset the HP iPhone must have a MacOS or Windows system. Then you have to download iTunes and install it on your computer first.

It is recommended to turn off the Find My iPhone feature first, first enter the menu Settings (Settings) > (User Name) > iCloud. Next select ‘Find My iPhone.

Next step, Open the App iTunes on your laptop/computer, then plug your iPhone into your computer using a data cable. Enter the password and proceed to select the iPhone Device shown on the screen.

Next press the ‘ buttonRestore iPhone‘, Confirm the approval that appears on the screen. And keep in mind, to reset the iPhone using a computer, use a stable internet network so that the process is completed quickly and does not fail in the middle of the process.

What should be noted, backup important data if you need, such as contact books, photos, downloaded files and so on.

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