2 Options How to Update Realme Software to the Latest Version

The Realme brand, which was officially founded by Sky Li in May 2018, already has users reaching 35 million worldwide in mid-2020. The series of products released always attract the attention of consumers, starting with the Realme C3, C6, X3 Super-zoom, C11 and other types. .

How to update HP Realme

Whatever the type and type, over time, Realme vendors usually release the latest versions of their smartphone software, be it updates for the User Interface (UI) or ColorOS. Of course the main goal is to improve the performance and features of the previous version.

How to update software on HP Realme is very easy and almost does not require special skills. Where there are two recommended options for updating old software with the latest version for smartphone owners.

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But before updating, it is recommended for Realme HP owners to do a data mack-up. As for how to back up system and application data, you can do it by accessing Settings > Additional Settings > Backup and Reset > Backup & Restore, then select which data you want to back up.

2 Ways to Update Realme Software

1. The easiest way to update

The easiest way to update software is through the Settings menu display, then go to the Software Update section. Automatically if there is a newer firmware version, the information will be displayed on the screen. Make sure the internet data connection is connected smoothly and the battery is at least 70 percent and above.

2. Simple mode update

The next way is to download the latest version of the firmware / software manual on the official Realme website. The method is as follows:

  1. Download the firmware according to your smartphone type at > site Software Update – Realme
  2. After that copy or transfer the downloaded file to the phone’s internal memory
  3. Open the file manager app and look for the downloaded firmware file
  4. Open the file and hit update now
  5. Wait until the update is complete and the phone will reboot automatically

Note: Do not forcibly turn off the HP realme while the update process is in progress, Wait patiently because it may take a few minutes.

3. Update Realme in Recovery Mode

This method may look more complicated than the two methods above because the firmware update method is carried out in Recovery mode, so it is not from the normal menu display that you usually see. If you are still in doubt, please invite a friend who understands more to help practice it.

Update Realme from Recovery mode
  1. Download the latest version of realme software from the official website
  2. Save downloaded files on MicroSD card or phone storage
  3. When you have, turn off the cellphone and make sure the battery condition is above 70 percent
  4. In the Phone Off state, Press the button at the same time Volume down + Power
  5. When it appears appears recovery modeChoose language (In English example)
  6. Then select the menu “Install from storage device
  7. Choose “From Sorage” if the file is in internal memory or Select “From SD card” if from microSD
  8. Just click OK if there is a warning that the process can’t be canceled later
  9. Wait until the Realme firmware update process is complete and the phone can be used again

If you are unsure or afraid to update the Realme software, whether you are afraid that the phone will die completely or something you don’t want, please take it to the nearest Realme service center in your city. Those are some ways to update the latest firmware version of realme, either through the phone’s settings menu or directly downloading the file from the official Realme website, hopefully it’s useful.

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